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#NOF in young adults
Acetabular fractures lecture @ APROC meeting
ISHKS - TKA Alignment
Anterior approach to posterior pelvic injuries
Articular fractures - AO basic course
bicondylar tibial plateau #s
Cemented vs Cementless THA
Choosing the journal for your research
Distal femur locked plating - tips and tricks
external fixator - principles
gap nonunion - AO masters (keynote)
IM fixation for trochanteric fractures - IOA workshop
IT fractures - AO advanced course
sports meet GGHC
lecture - proximal tibia fractures @AO trauma meeting, Seoul
locked plates - principles
Patellofemoral issues in TKA
pelvic imaging
Percutaneous acetabular fixation
Peri-prosthetic #s POACON
Posterior column fractures of proximal tibia
Pre op planning - AO basic course
principles of internal fixation
Proximal humerus fractures - APROC 2017
relative stability - principles
Shoulder # dislocations - TNOACON 2015
Surgical approaches for total hip arthroplasty
THA for #NOF - APROC Debate
TKA surgical technique
Transdeltoid plating for proximal humerus fractures